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    Check box printing


      I created a form in InDesign cs6 that contains check boxes. I exported the form as an interactive pdf.

      When I check the boxes and print the form it only prints the check mark and not the boxes around the checkmark.

      The unchecked boxes print just fine.

      This is probably something silly, but I can't figure it out!

      I'm not even sure if this should be fixed in InDesign or Acrobat...


      Thank you

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          If it's not a bug, I'd say this is related to one of the many settings in Adobe Reader/Acrobat.


          I never used such before, but I made a test how it turns out and it freaks me out what crap Adobe's programmers did here:


          Original in Indesign CS6                      Exported PDF in Acrobat, unchecked                Exported PDF in Acrobat, checked

          adobe_cs6_checkbox1.PNG                              adobe_cs6_checkbox1_acrobat1.PNG                                                  adobe_cs6_checkbox1_acrobat2.PNG

          Other check box types are even worse!


          Checked (default), not hovered             Unchecked, not hovered                                   


          Only when checked AND hovered, it looks normal:


          Checked (default), not hoveredUnchecked, not hoveredUnchecked, hoveredChecked, hovered



          Anyway, when printed on paper both come out as expected. Like top left and bottom right