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    How to disable Document Installed Fonts feature

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      We store incoming files on a Windows server, one employee opens and makes laser prints of them to be supplied with the job ticket. Then the folder is moved (not copied) into the actual job folder in the same volume on said server. The problem is, the enclosing folder containing the collected indesign job cannot be moved in it's entirety as the server sees files in use. You can move the files piecemeal from the enclosing folder, or copy the whole thing to the desktop, but the enclosing folder & the Document fonts folder cannot be moved until the original employee quits Indesign. This makes a mess of the storage folder as the operators just drag out what they need & is of course, extremely frustrating. The Document Installed fonts feature is nice, but also a problem for us as we do layouts in Illustrator, and the fonts are only available in Indesign without loading them manually, so we have to remember to outline the fonts in Indesign, which is not possible sometimes depending how the file is created etc. The easiest solution is to have the original employee quit Indesign every so often, but I would like to be able to disable The Document Installed fonts if desired.






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