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    Disorganized Bookmark List?

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      Hi there,


      I have one ID CS4 file that refuses to organize the book marks in the same way the table of contents is organized. If I manually reorganize the list of bookmarks, and then update the table of contents, my reorganization of the bookmark list is lost.


      All of the book marks seem to be there, but it is a simple flat list with one parent and all of the headings and subheadings under that one parent. It should be a nice long list of parents with between 1 and 4 children under each parent bookmark.


      Anyone know what might cause this one file out of all the others, to have a messed up bookmark list? If so, what can I do about it?


      I really don't want to have to rebuild this 78 page document just to fix these bookmarks. They are only a problem every couple of months when I have to export all 40 chapters and consolidate them into one big PDF file. But I'd like to fix it once so I don't have to reorganize the list of book marks in the PDF everytime I issue an update to this monster manual.



      Peter H.

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          Pete47 Level 1

          After several hours of investigation I determined the problem and fixed it. Someone in the past had used different paragraph styles to mark up the section headings. Plus, the table of contents styles were not set up correctly. The TOC only uses two styles but both were set to appear at the same level. I don't know why that didn't cause a problem with the TOC but it certainl caused a problem with the exported PDF file's list of bookmarks.


          After making the necessary changes all was fine except for one odd ball extra book mark. I never was able to determine where that book mark was coming from. I started deleting objects from the page it pointed to, and only after going so far as to delete the page, was I able to eliminate the stray book mark. So in the end, I had to rebuild that one page to eliminate the final problem.


          So problem is fixed. Maybe this will help someone else.