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    How to find specific text in a text frame, then replace it?




      I'm currently using InDesign CC, specially the scripting part, to update a Price List for my company.


      I have an array that contains all the text frames from my document. One page use one text frame. I want to browse all these text frame, find a word and then replace it with the word I want to.


      Example: The line, in a text frame that contains multiple line, "CAR56974 - $14.95" must be change to  "CAR56974 - $18.66".


      I want to find that line in all my text frames, then replace it with the new line.


      I looked in the forums but couldnt find a specfic answer for my problem.


      Here is how I get all my text frames:


      var allTextFrames = myDoc.textFrames;


      for(var i=0;i<allTextFrames.length;i++){

               tf = allTextFrames[i];



      Thanks in advance!




      EDIT: I use JavaScript.