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    maximize the application screen real estate? how to?

    markerline Level 4

      Dear Flash Builders,


      I would like to learn how to maximize the screen space that an application takes up between two mobile devices with 2 very different screen sizes: 1) tablet at 1920x1080 and 2) phone at 1200x800 or something to that effect.  I am using Android devices but I guess the same would apply for any mobile device (iOS, BlackBerry, etc).


      What is the specific code I would update between the two mxml files that are created by default when you create a Flex Mobile Project?  Does the screen size go in the header where the namespaces are declared or within the function call of the initializing function?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  Just for what it's worth, the very same AIR application deployed from Flash Professional resizes to fit the screen of the given device.  Not so with Flex/Flash Builder.