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    flash player won't work in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer


      I have an issue with Flash player that is really annoying me. I have Windows Vista as my OS and I installed Google Chrome to try as a browser. This was actually a couple of years ago that I did this and every time I try to uninstall Chrome it messes something else on my computer. Here lately, it seems that Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have been fighting for control of my computer. Google Chrome will run some programs that Internet Explorer won't and visa versa. The only common element between them is that NEITHER will run Flash player. Therefore anything needing Flash to play online (games, animations, etc.) won't. I am somewhat computer literate but by no means a tech nerd! I've done everything that I can except running the DOS prompt and entering FORMAT! I will be really upset if I have to do that or God forbid, I get the red screen of death! SOMEBODY please HELP!