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    Photoshop Droplets - Select an area


      I've got a scenario where I need to grab the same area from various versions of the same image and would like to automate it using a droplet. The workflow is:

      Open the first image

      Select an area

      Copy it

      Open the second image

      Create an empty layer

      Paste into the empty layer of the second image.

      Prompt the user for a file name in the save as dialog.


      The action I've created works perfectly.  The droplet gets stuck when it tries to do the rectangular selection. At one point I got errors (in the error log) about select not being available; after playing with various possible fixes, I get no errors, just a "start droplet end droplet" log and the first image open on my screen.


      I have "supress file open options dialog" (one of the images is a pdf) and "suppress color profile warnings" checked. I experimented with the other options, but no go. I also tried working with the action, but stuck there too.


      What I'm confused about is that the action works perfectly. If anyone could show me where I'm going wrong, I'd appreciate it.

      Running CS6 64bit on Win8.