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    Anyone has the display manager software (CD) for the monitor DELL U2713HM?

    LaciG Level 1

      This might be an unusual question/request.


      I bought the monitor about 6 month ago, and lost the CD that had a software called "Display Manager Software" on it . I could download and install the driver, but after spending half a day on the phone with Dell, it turned out that they are unable to replace the CD, or direct me to that software. (I spent another half day on the Internet, and couldn't find it anywhere there either.) I understand that this piece of software is "not necessary" however it is "nice to have".


      My editing area is very well organized, so the only possibility to lose it was that I threw it out instead the 10 year old 19 inch monitor's installation CD when I did some "house cleaning" both inside and outside my PC the last couple of weeks. If somebody has it and sent a copy to me I would compensate the expenses (and if he/she lives in a 50 miles radius around El Dorado Hills, CA, then a lunch invitation is also in order). Or, if you have any idea how I could find it, I would greatly appreciate it, (and it is also a lunch invitation).