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    How do I find the "Offline Media" or otherwise fix this?

    "JP" Level 1

      When I try to encode a particular 30 minute timeline (I have successfully encoded other shorter timelines for Blu-ray before, in between, and after getting errors on this timeline)  I get this error message - "Offline material is present in this export and will be encoded using the Offline Media graphic". I have spent hours going through the timeline frame by frame and cannot find any "offline material." As far as I can tell nothing is offline.


      Presumably, Premiere Pro "knows" what is offline. Is there any way to get Premiere Pro to indicate to me WHAT it "believes" is offline and WHERE on the timeline it believes that material is?


      Yesterday, even though this error appeared, I successfully encoded this timeline for DVD. It encoded fine and a frame by frame examination of the encoded video by two people did not find any sign of "the Offline Media graphic" or any sound problem.


      I decided the error message was itself an error and have spent nearly all day yesterday and today trying to encode the timeline for Blu-Ray. I have tried the unmodified AME presets "H.264 Blu-ray" and "MPEG2 Blu-ray". Both generate the same error message -- "Error compiling file. Unknown error."


      I have tried to EXPORT it directly from Premiere Pro and from an AME QUEUE. The result are exactly the same either way.


      The encode appears to proceed normally, but after about


      I am working on a 2 x 2.4 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon MAC running with a OSx (10.8.5) with 28 GB of 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM. It has an nVidia graphics card, but at the moment I can't get this box to show me which one, so I will send this message now and update that bit of info if someone requires it.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Offline Clips will be displayed in the Project Bin Columns.

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            "JP" Level 1

            True, but that is not a solution to my problem.


            First because there are dozens of off-line clips in the bins (I inherited this timeline when the editor quit and moved away), but second and most importantly because I need to find out whether or not there is in fact an off-line clip actually ON the timeline, so that, if it is on the timeline, I can correct the problem and begin deleting the off-line clips in the bins.


            I'm convinced that there isn't an off-line clip on the timeline, but until I'm absolutely sure I do not feel I can address the main problem - why the timeline will not export as HD (it will export as SD).


            If Premiere has a way to automatically backup all the media on a timeline (something like Avid Media Composer has where you just select the timeline then click backup timeline and it creates a new folder with the timeline and all the media on that timeline in it), I could do that and then just find the off-line media referenced on that timeline. Does Premiere have anything like the Avid feature?

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              Michael MTT Level 2

              In the Project Panel you should have the colums "Status"  (shows media off/online) "Video Usage" and "Audio Usage" (If not you should display them by right-click on the header > Metadata Display).
              If you sort all of you stuff by status you will get an overview of your offline stuff.
              The number in the usage colum then indicates wheather the asset is in use.
              If you click the triangle right beneath that number, you see the track and timecode where exactly it is placed.


              Hope that helps

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                "JP" Level 1

                WELL... that was weird. Thank you all for your advise, but it seems I was mislead by Premiere Pro, so I must apologize for unintentionally misleading you.


                I STILL get the error message - "Offline material is present in this export and will be encoded using the Offline Media graphic".
                And after following the advice I got from Michael MTT and checking every single one of the dozen of offline clips in the project... I know absolutely that there is not a single offline clip in the timeline I'm working on and that the error message is indeed a mistake by Premiere Pro.


                But the solution to the "Error compiling file. Unknown error." message turned out to be truly weird. It was generated by a corrupted video effect (color correction) on a 2 second clip.



                As I mentioned, I also work on an Avid system and when a timeline on the Avid has this sort of problem I do a "video mixdown" which PP calls "nesting". Based on the success of that procedure I decided to try nesting all the video tracks in this troublesome PP timeline. That turned the render line above of the timeline entirely RED. So I did a RENDER ALL (is that what it's called?) and about a quarter of the way through the timeline, up popped "Error compiling file. Unknown error."  The rendered line was green up to a point and then red. Finally, I had a place to look and what I discovered when I did was that when I played through that part of the timeline it was holding the previous graphic as a still through the clip with the corrupted effect on it, but the criminal clip was not being played. I dug around, found the corrupted effect, which was the third of three identical color corrections applied to that clip. I deleted it and POP the everything displayed and rendered and encoded perfectly.


                Thanks again all.