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    Importing Preflight Profiles


      How do I import InDesign preflight profiles from InDesign CS5 to InDesign CC on OSX 10.8.5? I see a load option in the preflight panel, but I'm unsure what document to load to import the preflight profiles from CS5.


      Anyone? tx!!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unlike some other presets, InDesign doesn't automatically store your preflight profiles. You have to export the profile yourself and back it up.


          I hope you still have your version of CS5 still installed. Open it up. Open up the Preflight panel and choose Define Profiles. Select the profile you want to export, and click the little menu shown below and choose Export Profile.




          Then open up InDesign CC, open the Preflight panel are repeat the process except choose Load Profile from the menu and import it into InDesign CC.