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    Is there a way to change the Alt key to the Ctrl Key?


      Is there a to access the Alt key screen functions (the quick Eyedrop, (holding Alt and click the color) and the Zoom in and Zoom out (holding alt alt and scrolling with the mouse wheel) with other key instead of alt, for instance the Ctrl key?


      It is really annoying to me to deal with it, because in my shortcut configuration I use the keys "Q" and "W" to increace and decrease the size of the brush and the keys "A" and "S" to increase and decrease the hardness of the brush. What happens is that when I hold Alt to pick a color or to zoom, it calls the menu bar's shortcuts (it underlines the menu shortcuts) , so If I do so and press "S" it calls the Select menu, which is not what I'm trying to do.


      In Gimp, the pick a color and zoom in and zoom out actions are configured to work with the Ctrl key instead of Alt, so the shortcut menus are not an issue. Is there anyway to switch it to Ctrl? Is there anyway to make the Alt stop calling the menu bar?