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    Question about PDF usage within InDesign

    Sproketzz Level 1

      Got a question regarding InDesign's ability to open and separate layers in a layered PDF file.


      I am a novice at InDesign. I use After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator all the time for television motion graphics.

      Also some Premier.


      I am working on a video project for a client that has an in-house art department to create print materials and to support their

      web page.


      Normally I request certain assets be delivered to me in thier original forms for use in animation.

      These are things like logos in vector form, elements created in Photoshop in the original layered art so we can take the layers apart for

      animation. Frequently we get InDesign documents for books, posters or other print products.

      I have InDesign primarily so I can separate the elements and export them to formats I can use in After Effects.

      Just so I can deal with any format thrown at me I have the Master Collection.


      But I am having difficulty with getting this art department to cooperate.

      They have not even sent me a vector logo.


      What they did send was several "layered PDF" files that they say can be taken apart in InDesign and used in After Effect and other CC apps.


      Is that possible? Are text elements vector and can be scaled cleanly after export?


      On my system I have CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and I subscribe to CC but it's not installed yet due to several ongoing project that I am hestitant to put through an upgrade mid project.


      Any info would be helpful.


      Thanks so much,