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    Cannot use AE CC due to quicktime issue

    Jon M Level 1

      Read every forum about this for the last two weeks.

      Unable to resolve issue of AE CC not seeing that Quicktime is installed.

      CS6 works perfect.


      Here is Adobe's claim on it:

      http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2013/08/solutions-for-problems-with-quicktime-files-in -after-effects-cc-12-0-because-of-conflict-with-dvcprohdvideoout-quicktime-component.html# comments


      Problem is, I cannot use something I am paying for. Is this not incorrect? It is complicated by the fact that I signed up at the last minute to take advantage of the discounts offered the CS6 holders.


      AE CC is not operational for me if there is no external monitoring. This is VFX and sometimes color bay with clients, not a cubicle in my parent's basement. Just saying... I have to work and need to see the tangible results of this work on professional monitors. Can't do it with CC. No problem, I'll just continue to use CS6.


      However, what are the channels I may pursue to offset the monetary loss due to this item? I am not planning on using any CC app until this issue is resolved.


      Sorry, more of a vest than anything else.