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    Problem with Font


      I have a packaged Indesign file. I have loaded the packaged fonts into my system, but when I open the indesign file it does not recognise the font. When I go to find font and update them, they do not update and still remain pink in my document. The yellow alert icon remains even when I have changed the font. Help?

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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          @McKelda, Welcome to the community.


          You may try these:


          1) Copy the fonts to the following locations depending on the OS you're using:


          Mac:  Finder menu Go > Go to Folder > type this ~/Library and then navigate to Application Support/ Adobe/ Fonts/

                 Finder menu Go > Go to Folder > type this ~/Library and then navigate to  / Fonts/      

                  Finder menu Go > Go to  /Applications/ Adobe InDesign <version #> Fonts/


          Windows: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Fonts/

                      C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe InDesign <version#>


          2) Rebuild the fonts database: Do a windows search and find "AdobeFnt**.lst" where ** is replaced a two digit numeral. Delete only these files and not the AdobeFnt.lst file itself. Relaunch InDesign.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            This would be typical if the package was moving from Mac to PC and the fonts were older Mac TT or T1 formats, or the Mac .dfont format, none of which will work on Windows.