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    I need to know a few action scripts for a game i'm making

    carpetrug01 Level 1
      Hi Smile

      You know that game you play when your bored where you try to make a house like thing with a cross in the middle without lifting up your pen or re-traceing any lines that they already drew? (looks like a square with a triangle on top and the square has an X in the middle coming from the diagional, and you have to draw this without lifting up your pen or re-trace over any line that they already drew)

      Well i want to make that a flash game.

      This is what i have so far: The outline of the house thing.

      What i want to happen is: The outline of the house thing is already drawn there, but they have to click and hold down their left mouse button, and trace over it. As they trace over it, the hosue thing will change color in the area that they already drew. And they have to outline the house thing without lifting their pens and without going over any line that they already drew.

      So, if they at any time retrace over a line that they drew, or un click their mouse then they loose.

      So does anyone know of a tutorial , or know you can make this?