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    "Archive Project" not saving edited clips


      When archiving a project using File>Project Archiver>Archive Project PE11 is not saving edited clips. Instead it is saving full-length video files from the original project.


      According to the manual, "Archive Project Creates a folder containing a new project file, and a new clip for each clip used in the original Quick view timeline or Expert view timeline at its edited length." In reality it creates a folder containing a new project file and full length copies of any videos used in the timeline.


      For example, a project containing a single 45-minute video file edited down to 5 minutes worth of clips will be archived into a folder containing the full-length 45-minute video. My reading of the manual is that the archive folder should contain a number of clips totalling 5 minutes. I think that this would be a much more efficient use of disk space.


      I've found this issue mentioned in a number of posts previously, but no solutions. Could anyone kindly suggest a way to resolve it?


      Thank you.