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    Batch (actions) conversion of PSD TO Jpeg


      Up until a month or so ago, using photoshop CS5 - windows,  a batch psd conversion of nummerous files say fred1. psd through fred10.psd gave me fred1 jpeg through fred10.jpeg. I saveconversions to a dump jpeg folder on another drive where there are also, dump psd and dump tiff with tiff not being much used.


      Using actions, the first conversion of a series will be fred.jpeg but thereafter it will be fred1 copy.jpeg through fred10 copy .jpeg. No big deal for a few files as the word copy can be deleted. However, if a jpeg file say fred.jpeg needs to be updated in say a slide show or web site then the new conversion of the updated file as fred copy.jpeg causes identity problems.


      Please, please, how can I return to the situation where fred.psd becomes fred.jpeg and not fred copy.jpeg. This does not seem to happen for individual conversions the manual way. I tried to convert to jpeg 2000 but the same happened. I'm not sure about jpeg 2000 and how it would work if taking to a phot processor for "photographic" prints.


      Thanks for your help in the past and for hopefully your help now. I'm hoping to upgrade to CS6 photoshop and CS6 dreamweaver shortly as I've done the math over three years and buying the upgrades appears to be better than the monthly arrangements.


      graham davies

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, why don't you use the image processor, in Bridge's Tools>Photoshop menu? it allows you to do easy conversions without setting up complicated actions.

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            cobtramg Level 1

            Thanks for your reply .


            I've got a horrible feeling that the Photoshop option mentioned has disappeared from the Tools menu. I recall using it for some HDR work some many months ago, but all that is left with the word photoshop in it is:


            "Process collections in photoshop".


            Are you referring to this? I attempted to create a "collection" but the process seemed to hang after collecting just a few of the 191 items in the folder.


            Sorry but I do appreciate your kind effort to help me.


            graham davies

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              Curt Y Level 7

              In Bridge if you click on Tools/Photoshop you should have several options including  image processor.  If you do not, click on preferences/startup scripts and make sure you have a check mark at least on Bridge and Photoshop.

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                cobtramg Level 1

                Thank you Curt Y and also PECourtejoie. The additional and required menu options seem to have re-appeared.


                You're both so kind to help such an old man so generously. I need prodding from time to time to enable me to get to grip with things.


                warmest regards


                graham davies

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                  cobtramg Level 1

                  I may have to wait until tomorrow to be sure, but, it seems, I'm fairly sure, that the help you have both given me has produced a good result.


                  I can assure you that I did make an effort to solve my problem by checking through the various help files which did not produce the help that you have given.


                  Let's hope that tomorrow will prove the result that I think has been achieved.


                  Many, many  thanks


                  graham davies

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                    cobtramg Level 1

                    Eventually managed to select the correct option in the tools-photoshop-dropdown menu and succeeded in converting some109 psd images into jpeg images without the word copy in sight.


                    When converting from 300 ppi psd to 72 ppi psd for email/web use, the drop down options weren't as welcoming so had to return to the photoshop actions solution that I've been using for some years. Much slower because I had to transfer batches of some 20 or images at a time from bridge to photoshop but it works. Then was the need to convert the 72  ppi psd into web friendly jpegs, also using the batch transfer method but quite fast because of the smaller file sizes.


                    It really is good to know that there are such nice, knowledgeable and helpful people out there that are willing to help at such short notice.


                    warmest and gratefullest regards  to you both - CS6 here I come!


                    graham davies