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    Digital brochure for tablets and computers



      I'm trying to create a digital brochure that can be read on tablets (android, ipad, etc…) and computer (mac & pc).

      It has to work online and offline, it will contain videos and animations (like clickable maps).

      I'm not sur what is the best thing to do, I'm thinking using Indesign and maybe exporting an interactive pdf I know it will not work on ipad because of the swf included. The ipad is not the priority for my client and because he doesn't have a big budget he can compromise on this.

      But I'm wondering if there is something possible in html5 that can be easily shared meaning it's only one file, and can be use in all platform ?

      Looking in indesign I was wondering if it's possible to create a digital publication that can be exported for Ipad and for android and as an interactive pdf ?

      Or would I have to build each document differently from the beginning ?

      Thanks a lot in advance for your answer, I'm normaly working on print so I'm a bit lost there.