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    Saving Project Problem - Premiere Pro CS6

    simonpeterarnold Level 1

      Hi I have a project created on CS6 Premiere. We have run in to an issue now where it takes almost 30mins to save. It loads up very fast but saving is painfully slow. If autosave kicks in (now turned off) it makes it unuseable throughout this time. We have tried creating a new project and importing in the data from the exsiting one still no joy. Tried the same on our CC Machine and still the same. Any help with this would be appreciated. The project file stands at 28mb in size, have we run in to a size threshold. Ideally we want all the sequences to be in one project but if this is causing too much of an issue I guess we will have to split it. Either way it does seem very odd that whilst it loads the data quickly in to actually save it out takes too long.