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    Drop down lists blank entry


      Can a drop down list be returned to blank. It seems to be possible when testing (the first line is blank) but not when an actual document?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          If you are using a web form then the field should have the ability to be reset to blank by selecting the top item in the drop down (which is blank).  This is just like when you test the form.  If this is not the case then please let me know what Browser you are using and email me a link to your form.


          If you are using PDF then the answer is a bit more complicated.  If you do not save the form data after submit then all answers are cleared.  If you have Acrobat Pro you can use the Clear Form tool (even after saving the form data).  This will clear all form data.  If you have Adobe Reader then you do not have the ability to clear the form data once you have saved the file.


          I hope this helps.




          Jeff Canepa

          Software Quality Engineer

          Adobe Systems, Inc.


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