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    Printing blueprint blurry lines




      I need some help with a recurring problem I've encountered with Photoshop. I'm using photoshop CS6 for Mac.


      I'm studing architecture and whenever I draw a blueprint I always tweak it in photoshop (add people, some color on the grounds, etc). For this I import the PDF with the blueprint (with lines basically) and in other layers I add everything.


      My problem comes when I want to print it. If I paint directly on the same PDF layer with the paint bucket it will print OK; however if I create a new layer selecting the areas I want to paint and then I creat a new fill layer different from the PDF layer it will print blurry; its lines will be broken with no apparent pattern or logic.


      This happens whether I save it in JPG or PSD (I later use Indesign to create a PDF with everything) and then use it to print it (usually big measures of paper A1 and above)


      At first I thought that using the PSD may cause problems with layers so I decided to use the JPG in indesign but the result is the same.


      Please help me!




      PS: I have attached 2 images, the first is directly from the JPG/PSD from photoshop, the second one is from the printed paper, so you can see what I mean by "broken lines"

      Captura de pantalla 2013-09-26 a les 16.03.00.pngIMG_2802.jpg