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    Losing panels since last CS6 update

    E Diane King Level 2

      I'm a Creative Cloud member who gets the updates to my software as soon they are available.  After the last update to CS6 (which I am still using to stay compatible with my coworkers who have not gotten CC yet), I've noticed that I'm randomly losing my panels--meaning they go blank instead of showing their contents. Restarting InDesign does not fix them. Restarting the computer doesn't fix them. The only thing that works is dumping my preferences. I then get them all back for a brief amount of time, and then they start going randomly blank again. It's not the same panels either. Before I dumped my prefs the last time, I couldn't see anything in my Character Styles and my Scripts panel. I reset my preferences yesterday, spent several minutes resetting all my prefs the way I like them, and then went back to work. This morning, my Object Styles, Pathfinder, and Scripts panel are all blank. I really hate having to dump my prefs once a day or more. I have a lot of them because most of the ID defaults are not what I would choose.  Anyone else having this issue or have any suggestions for troubleshooting? 


      I'm working on a Windows 8 laptop (which is probably half the problem) and have InTools Side Heads and Teacup's BarcodeMaker installed as my extra plugins.