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    How do I add an image to my responsive template?

    GMDS Learner Level 1

      I am editing a website from a responsive html template for a client. I'm not a heavy coder, but have to figure out how to simply add a div area (graphic) centered above the contents of each section without ruining the rest of the code.


      Here is an example of how it looks now: http://graphicmechanic.com/INGEN/indexlightbackup.html


      Here is an example of what I am trying to do with each section: http://graphicmechanic.com/INGEN/images/example.jpg


      I've tried copying a section of code from another section of the source that looks like it might contain my image and pasting it where I think it should go to no avail. It seems to ruin other parts of the design.


      Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.