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    Make every key frame duration longer

    legendofthegoose Level 1

      I created a comp with quite a few key frames of people's names falling into place on a list. Unfortunatley, sections of the comp are too fast and I'd like the names to "fall" a half second or so longer. There are about 50 names. How could I edit the poisition key frames on every layer at once, to be longer by a half second. Besides clicking and dragging every keyframe I'm not sure how to do it. Is this possible?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          You can highlight all the incoming keyframes and drag them all at once.  It's a lot easier.

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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            You can also hold the Alt/Option key while dragging the first or last selected keyframe to proportionally scale the distance between the keyframes. This is helpful when you need to re-time the animation, in addition to moving it.

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              legendofthegoose Level 1

              That's helpful, is there a way to grab all the frames on every layer to the right or left of the frame I'm editing? Again, I have like fify layers with key frames that are qued up. I'm looking for something similar to the "Track Seleciton Tool" in Premeire, which selects everything on the track to the left or right of the mouse.

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                legendofthegoose Level 1

                Thanks Tim. This looks like what I wanted to do; adjust the timing of my animation and have the corresponding frames scale porportionally. I'd really like to do this without dragging the mouse, maybe just entering a value of add "X" number of seconds to the timing between the selected key frames. Is that possible?


                Also see **above for a follow up question of selecting all of the key frames on a layer, and thanks again!

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                  Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                  I don't think there's a single command in After Effects that will do what you want. There are many keyframe tool scripts that might be helpful but I didn't see anything that exactly matches your request.


                  Here are two things that may help you:


                  First, from Setting, Selecting, and Deleting Keyframes:

                  • To select all keyframes that follow or precede a selected keyframe, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) a keyframe, and choose Select Previous Keyframes or Select Following Keyframes.


                  However, that command only works on a single property at time. Even if you have multiple properties showing, it only selects the keyframes of the same property as what you clicked on.


                  Second, when you have keyframes visible, you can draw a selection box around all visible keyframes. This is what Dave was referring to. It's pretty quick, once you have isolated your view in the Timeline to just the properties you want to edit.


                  Ultimately, I think you have suggested a problem that's worth solving in AE. Being able to right-click anywhere on the timeline to select all keyframes (or all visible keyframes) to the left or the right sounds like a good feature to me. Please submit it as a feature request.