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    Timecode video effect issue in Premiere Pro CS6?

    clinthawkins Level 1

      Appears to be similar in description to the issue folks were having back in 5.5.  Here's the details...


      • New install, making the jump from FCP, first open of this PPCS6 install.


      • Source footage brought in as DVCproHD 720p @ 60 fps. Imported into new bin and then onto timeline in sequence 1... works beautifully.


      • New transparent video clip on track above footage, stretched to full production length.  Applied video effect > timecode to transparent clip.


      • I see the positioning crosshairs and darkened translucent box and the field indicator... but no rolling numbers, even after rendering.



      Just need to make a TC burn of the footage and I've spent half a day trying to get the burn to work.


      Any ideas?

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          clinthawkins Level 1

          Could really use an assist on this? Moderator? Bored Adobe employee?...  Bueller?... Bueller?


          Desperately want to avoid having to go back to FCP for a TC burn...

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            petergaraway Adobe Employee

            I have not had any luck reproducing the issue here. A few things you might try.


            • Placing the Timecode effect directly on the clip or a adjustment layer
            • Adjusting the parameters of the Timecode Source. Try all 3 (Generate, Media, Clip)
            • Have you tried placing the Timecode effect on other media or synthetics ie Bars and Tone?
            • Try deleting your preferences> Hold down Option+Shift when launching Premiere until the splash screen appears.


            Hope this is helpful.



            Peter Garaway


            Premiere Pro

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              clinthawkins Level 1



              Thanks for your response, however, no avail, same issue.  However, I think I may have found what this issue's root cause is...  being a designer, I've far too many fonts installed (managed via Linotypes manager) with a conflict here and there, and I've had to use my customer's "helvetica" and other fonts on occasion.  I activated a new account on my computer (nice and clean fonts & settings) fired up the same document in Premiere and BOOM rolling timecode appears.  So with that solution in hand, my thought is somewhere I've damaged/lost the font in my base account that Premiere uses to generate timecode.  I wish it was a setting I could change in the timecode video effect to choose what font is used... maybe you could pass that on to product development?  Or do you know specifically what font it uses for the TC video effect?


              Anyway, thanks for your reply... now I'm off to go see if I can fix the font issue in my base user account.



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                David Cabestany Level 1

                Just ran into the same problem. Running CS6 on a MB Pro with Mountain Lion in it. I tried the effect on HD bars and tone, transparent video and source footage and all I'm getting is the field symbol.


                I don't have the luxury right now of creating a new user and reinstalling my suite. I'll check tomorrow with my office iMac which runs on Snow Leopard to see if the issue is also happening there.


                Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.06.56 PM.png

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                  clinthawkins Level 1

                  ARIAL!!!!!  A fresh install of the system font Arial fixed this!!!!!  This post was even referenced in another forum post on this same issue, but really didn't address the issue or redirected to a Mac OS update that "broke" things (whatever).  The SOLUTION is to make sure you have a CLEAN & CORRECT install of the System Font Arial.  (mine actually had a serif font that showed as arial, that's how I knew something was corrupt).    Don't let a font manager or corrupt font goober it up.


                  Now, if product development would let us change the font along with other 500 aspects of the TC effect, this would have been a 1 minute problem, not a multi-month hindrance... just sayin'