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    Photoshop CC asks me to save again after doing a Save As


      The sequence that leads to my problem:


      1.  Use the Save As command to save a file (it doesn't matter what file format I use)

      2.  Use the Close command to close the file


      It is at this point that I get a prompt to save the file before closing, even though I just did the Save As and haven't made any changes.  One thing I noticed was that after using the Save As command, the the icon at the top of the photo window is solid for a split second, then becomes grayed out and an asterisk appears to the right of the text at the top of the window.  So it's like some change is being made in the background that I can't control.


      I still have Photoshop CS6 on my computer.  I don't have this problem in CS6 and I haven't been able to replicate this problem there.  I checked the File Handling section in Preferences, and all my options are the same in CS6 and CC.


      Has anyone else had this problem, or can anyone think of any solutions?  I use Save As quite a bit, and I'm getting tired of having the prompt come up every time I close a file that I just saved.