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    Markers/Comments/Tags/Labels dont show up on second computer


      Hi Team,


      My question:


      Im in the process of editing a movie with many different sequences and have created numerous Adobe Premiere Project files (.prproj) via Adobe Prelude. When Im done adding those tags (or are they called labels or markers or comments or whatever in English?) to my footage, I export the Prelude project file (.plproj) to Premiere via the "File>Export to Premiere Pro" menu option and save it as Premiere Project file to my dropbox. My work mate can then open the Premiere project on her computer and see the tags in her time line to help her organize the footage for editing purposes. Although its not necessary, we even share the same folder structure on our external hard drives we work with (except for different drive letters until now, I just changed mine to match hers, it worked fine before though).

      The problem is that I have created and shared a prproj-file like described above but my work mate cant see the tags I have included in the time line. I have used Encore chapter markers as well as standard comment markers in there but she cant see any in her Premiere Pro. This worked before with other files and I dont know what is different now. She can relink the files on her hard drive but doesnt see the appropriate markers.


      Any ideas?


      We are using Windows 7, I run Adobe Master Collection CS6.0.3 (my work mate also runs CS6.0.?) and work with Panasonic P2 footage files.