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    CFGRID (html) column a href issue

      Hello All,

      I am using the new cf8 html cfgrid. My Grid column is as follows:
      <cfgrid name = "NewReports" format="html" height="170" width="780" pageSize=5 sort=true>
      <cfgridcolumn width="160" name = "VIEWREPORT" header="Report" href="ViewReport.cfm?status=new" hrefkey="REP_REPORT_ID" target="_blank">

      on the rows that do not have data (example if the query returns only 1 row.. there are 4 blank rows on the grid for page 1) the viewreports column shows a link. How do I go about not showing this link for blank rows? This was never an issue for flash grids, it seems that this is only appearing in html grids.