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    Footage unaffected by position and effects

    LennyLenfestey Level 1

      I have a composition with several layers. One of the layers is shot against a green screen and I've applied Keylight, curves and hue/sat as well as moving the position of the layer in the composition. Everything was gong fine until I tried to add a C4D file on a layer above the green screen footage. Now whatever I do the GS layer appears unaffected by the effects and the position change, even though the layer still contains all the fx and position information when I twirl it down.

      I have a feeling this is an easy fix, like I've turned off something obvious, but I can't find it for the life of me and I'm getting really desperate. The fx are all on and the layer fx option is on as we'll. The layer handles and the garbage mask appear to be in the right position,it's just the footage. Weird.


      Please can anyone help?