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    Adobe-modified mod_jk 1.2.37?

    P Hirose

      CF10, Update 11, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4, 64bit, Apache 2.2.15 (as bundled w/RHEL6.4).

      I notice the Adobe-modified mod_jk is still based on the older 1.2.32 mod_jk connector.  I noticed the source for this is also available now, and a trivial 5min attempt to apply the diff to the "pure" 1.2.37 has failed.  I haven't really gone bit by bit through it all, although I suspect it wouldn't be too bad.  It appears most of the changes are well labelled

      : /* Below code changes are incorporated by Adobe Systems Incorporated


      Given the slew of changes in the mod_jk ChangeLog from 1.2.32 to 1.2.37, I'd feel better if I could switch to that.  But since the Adobe modifications (one of which is to support the "max_reuse_connections" in workers.properties) along w/our internal policy of using vendor-stuff for vendor-software, prevents me from simply attempting 1.2.37(pure) or 1.2.37-manually-patched-by-me.


      Anyways, long story short, was wondering if/when Adobe might come out w/a 1.2.37 version of their modified mod_jk.





      Tangentially, have been unsuccesful getting proxy_ajp to interface w/CF10.  I have it working great under CF9.  Just wondering.