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    I am having a problem burning a dvd.

    thejohnnys Level 1

      I am getting the error message: Internal software error:.Vobulator\BlockPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp, line 215. I am looking for any help you can offer. I am trying to burn a little project for my 92 year old father. I have downloaded a few funny videos from Youtube. I have been able to get them imported into Premier Elements 11 with no problems. I have put in scene markers, transitions(Disolve) and and end marker. I have been able to import a DVD menu and have previewed it and rendered it. However when I attempt to burn it the encoding stops at 99% and ejects the dvd with the error message mentioned above. I have tried to burn it twice with the same error message coming up. I appreciate any help or suggested as to what I might try. Does anybody know what the error message means in plain english?