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    Please connect to the internet and retry.


      Anyone else receiving this error after installing the new Premiere Elements 12 trial? Yes, I've tried the suggestions here: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html, even though they don't apply to the trial. None of those suggestions works. My system is fine and I have Internet access. 99% chance this brand spanking new product is the problem, aka a bug. Rather than waste another 30 minutes with web-based chat agents, if I wait for the next update Adobe pushes out--likely in a few days to fix this--this application will automagically work again. But I'm just wondering if anyone from Adobe is authorized to officially confirm the obvious? There's a bug and you're working on it? If so, I can just patiently wait and go back to using my version 11. I was just checking out 12 to see if it was worthy of an upgrade. So far, not so much.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I do not remember any replies from an Adobe employee in this user to user forum (not to say there has NEVER been one... just that I have never seen one)


          Online chat may be your best hope

          Click I STILL NEED HELP at this next link for Premiere Elements chat

          -http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=premiere-elements&topic=activating-my-product- or-serial-number-issues

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            CurtisCee2014 Level 1

            Thanks. I can't even launch into the app because it immediately brings up this error after prompting for sign-in. I think I'll just go back to 11 and wait. The trial and 11 coexist on my machine. It doesn't uninstall or upgrade 11, thankfully.

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              CurtisCee2014 Level 1

              RESOLVED: (A) Logout of Adobe Premiere Elements 12. (B) Login to Adobe Premiere Elements 12.


              I answered my own question and figured out the resolution myself: cycle the logon. It's a bug with Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (trial and full product.) They'll surely fix this in a soon-to-be-released update, I'm guessing. The problem is that version 12 coexists with version 11, and other Adobe products. So upon launch, it recognizes that you're logged into some other Adobe application, whether an earlier version of Premiere, perhaps the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, etc. So it'll correctly show your correct email address that is logged into your adobe account, and will then say that you are required to login, and then fails to log you in by prompting that you are not connected to the internet. Despite showing your correct email address, due to the bug, simply logout of Premiere Elements 12 via the "Not your Adobe ID?" link on the dialog. Then, sigh, log immediately back in using the exact same email address that it correctly recognized before. That's it. This simple act will bypass the bug, update the databases correctly, and launch version 12. The trial and application currently aren't updating something behind the scenes that this simple act refreshes. This error is persistent after reboot, uninstall, reinstall etc. until you A: logout B: logon. So I'm sure they'll fix this bug soon.

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                CurtisCee2014 Level 1

                UPDATE: I highly suspect the conflict is between Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application and the Premiere and Photo Elements 12 applications, which were recently released days ago. I just received an update a few minutes ago to the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application--the first of which I recall ever receiving in the past since installing it months ago. So it is likely that this very update includes, among other things, a resolution that directly addresses this very issue. So, there is a good indication that future downloaders won't experience this error at all. Enjoy!

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I have many versions of Premiere Elements on the same Windows 7 64 bit computer, including the Premiere Elements 12 tryout from Adobe.


                  I do not have "Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application".


                  I have never experienced the issue that you report.




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                    CurtisCee2014 Level 1

                    Excellent! Thank you for informally confirming my theory I earlier posted, that this issue is directly related to the conflict between the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application that I've had installed for months--but that Adobe just updated today--and the Adobe Premiere Elements 12 that Adobe just released a few days ago. The fact that you don't have the ACC desktop application and have never experienced this error further isolates that my theory was correct.


                    I believe the updated desktop application for Adobe Creative Cloud will prevent you from experiencing this error now, even if you do install it.

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                      nealeh Level 5

                      This was a bug identified during the pre-release testing and was fixed with a Creative Cloud client update in July or August. If your CC has only just updated itself you may wish to check how frequently you have set it to receive updates.


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                        CurtisCee2014 Level 1

                        Bingo! Thanks for confirming the bug and the connection with the CC desktop app--as well as my assumption that the update included a permanent fix.


                        I rarely use the Creative Cloud desktop application; but, as stated earlier, received an update to it upon launching it. However, I had already bypassed the bug by cycling my logon before the update; so I'm not able to provide any directly observed feedback regarding the update. But I'm sure it works too. Anyone who keeps their updaters always running active in the background shouldn't experience this problem.



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                          Unfortunately we are having the same issue but the fix you suggest doesn't work, we come up with the same message: "Please connect to the internet to validate your serial number"

                          We have only just bought this product and we don't have Premiere Elements 11 installed, although it's possible that we used to (I'm doing this on behalf of my son on his laptop). We also don't have Creative Cloud desktop either.


                          Any other suggestions to try?

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                            Thank you! A simple solution to a stupid bug. I appreciate it.

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system? 12/12.1 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit?


                              Have you seen

                              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Sign In Failure (Connect to Internet or Fix Computer Clock)