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    Can I change the default 'a' character to a single-storey version?


      The typeface I am using (Proxima Nova) has both single- and double-storey 'a's. The default character is doubley-storey 'a', but I much prefer the "stylistic alernate" single-storey version.

      Rather than doing a find + replace every time I use the font, for every different weight, is it possible to change the default so whenever I type it displays the single-storey version?


      It probably doesn't matter so much for body copy, but I really dislike it at display size, and I'd like it to remain consistent whenever I use the font.


      Find + replace would be ok if I didn't have to do it for each weight of the font.


      Here's what the characters look like in my Glyphs panel:



      I'm running Indesign CC on OS X 10.8.5.


      If this isn't possible from within InDesign, would anyone happen to know how to change it system-wide?