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    Premiere Pro CC: Maximising performance and issues with blending


      I am a newbie so apologies if I get some of the terminology wrong. I'm somewhat technically savvy, to a point but may need some things explained simply.


      I have just started on my second project and upgraded to CC to access the Lumetri effects. The specs for my Mac are below. As you can see it's not an especially powerful computer but I had no issues with stability or speed on my first project, which was in PP CS6. I've looked at the forums and help documentation but I'm hoping the forums can offer some tips regarding a couple of issues/questions that I couldn't find answers to.


      Maximising performance


      When I bought the computer last year I didn't expect to be editing video so I didn't get more than than standard graphics card. Big mistake. So, no Mercury for me. From what I can tell from reading there is no way around this and I am not in a position to buy a new computer right now. Apart from not having the wonders of Mercury, the system is stable (though I haven't done much assembly on the timeline yet and there will be a lot of colouring and blending etc - the final project will be 6 minutes).


      So, is there anything I can or should do to make the system perform as well as possible? Scratch disks (I only have one external hard drive and a couple of USB sticks available)?Memory configuration? Have all other software closed? Plug-ins? Will I need to render short sections of the sequence to see the application of any effects? As I fill the timeline and add effects, can I expect the system to start slowing badly? Should I abandon the idea of trying After Effects on elements of this project? Should I just go back to CS6?


      I can't upgrade my computer any time soon, and I'm planning to develop my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign etc. Is there anything I can do about the fact that I have a graphics card that's unequal to the task. I'm not going to get someone to start poking around in the Mac and from what I can tell, I'm pretty much stuck with what I have.


      Issues with blending

      This was an unexpected glitch. Perhaps it's the result of inexperience but I didn't have this problem in CS6. I started this project in CS6 and was switched to CC so I could access Lumetri. I started a new project in CC, brought over all of the media and subclips, and started a completely new sequence. The project is 720x400 but the footage size varies. I scale to frame size then manually adjust it as needed. In one part of the project I am blending a layer of timelapse footage with footage of a figure walking. I put the clips on the timeline, trimmed to where I want them to be. Eveything is fine....until I blend. When I blend the footage the timelapse footage magnifies (I suspect it's the origingal size of the footage before it was scaled) and uses an entirely different part of the source media. It uses a section that's not even in the subclip. I tried this with another two pieces of footage (that were from the same source) and a similar thing happened. I can't even work out what to Google to find an answer.


      Two other minor observations

      I find that the 'crossdissolve' overlay takes up so much space on the clips in the timeline that I find it difficult to click on the clip to open it in the Source panel. Any way around it or do I just have to aim my mouse very carefully?

      For a couple of the clips in the timeline that are magnified/zoomed, when I move them around in the frame there seems to be unrelated footage behind it, even though there is nothing in the timeline. As I said, I started with the subclips I created in CS6 then started a new sequence so I have no idea what that's about.



      27-inch, Mid 2011

      OS X 10.8.5

      2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

      8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

      AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB


      As you can probably tell, I'm new to this. I used the very helpful resources on Lynda to get me started but I probably only know enough to get me in trouble. I'm really enjoying learning and hope to continue to develop my skills. Any tips you can offer with these issues would be wonderful.


      Many thanks.