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    Rollover and Rollout function problems

      Hey guys,

      Here is a project im working on for a website. I have the code in place but its buggy as anything.

      All I would like to do is have the button play the in amination on rollover and the out animation of rollout, also making sure it always completes its animation cycle before changing, or it stops and goes backwards. This makes it look smooth and not jumpy. Im pretty sure you guys know what im talking about. One of the main issues is that when I rollover another button, the one that is finishing its out animation freezes, this is not cool. Anyway, here is my code, let me know if you guys have other more effective ways of coding it.

      here is the FLA if that helps http://www.techbattle.org/newbig.fla

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          clbeech Level 3
          couple of things I see here. first it appears as though all of the methods you've designed here are basically doing the same thing for different MCs, so i think you could combind them into a single method, and also eliminate the construction of the additional MC 'controller_mc' as it's not necessary. as to the main problem, one solution would be to 'turn off' the buttons during an animation's action either using a conditional or the enabled property (I'd opt for the latter here) It seems that you could combined these methods into a single prototype for each, and then add a system to control the 'buttons'. here's an example of what I mean:

          PS. this replaces everything above ;)