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    Another constant crashing on render. Please help setup NTSC capture from Blackmagic and Garageband


      I'm using a Blackmagic card to capture the S-Video signal from a VCR, capturing home videos.  NTSC.  The audio capture on the BM card is broken and clipped, so I also record the audio in Garage Band which comes out perfect.


      I crop-zoomed, matched the audio, deleted the audio junk that came off the BM card, and now every kind of render or export makes the application crash.


      I finally gave up, put both of the same source-files into iMovie to synch the audio and video, and it worked perfectly, only it's kluged compared to the perfect copy I have on Premier Pro that just won't render...


      I assume that I need to match formats in and out.  What settings would you recemmend to avoid rendering crashes?


      I am trying to capture NTSC on a Blackmagic Video capture card, and the audio on the line-in port, I am capturing the BM video into Premiere Pro CS6, and the audio I am capturing with Garage Band.


      I can make these files into just about any format you want.  What I can't do is tolerate PP CS6 crashing trying to render a 5 minute video when I am trying to burn entire VHS tapes to DVD for my friends.


      Cheap-o free iMovie manages to make video from these files, that Adobe Premiere Pro cannot.  Difference being thet PP cleans up a LOT better than anything iMovie ever dreamed of. 


      Please help me set this up so that I can render DVDs from a VHS capture.


      I've 16GB of RAM, and I have not one, but TWO SSD's in my mid 2009 Mac Pro.  Technical capabilities are not the issue, Adobe Premiere Pro constantly crashing on render or export (even for 5-10 minute videos) is the issue.


      So if anybody could please help me set up my captures to make my VHS to DVD conversions work, a lot of people beyond just myself will be very happy.  Thanks!