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    Problem following ID update to CS6 8.0.1


      Just in case anyone else is experiencing the same problem after updating ID CS6 to 8.0.1... I found that a placed Illustrator file did not have any transparency, or at least it appeared to be displaying the Art Board (white page background) when I imported files into Indesign (following the update yesterday). Where I had a white out logo appearing on a dark background on an Indesign page, all I saw was a big expanse of white - not good... just bad.


      So I restarted, looked on the Forum, called Adobe and sat listening to music for over an hour, then gave up. Answer... Well, this worked for me.


      Trash the preferences. I know you'd probably have tried this long before pulling out any hair, but I was reluctant to, due to all the personalisation I'd introduced over the past few months. I'd loose all of that and of course, I did.


      Here's how to trash the prefs if you're not sure. (BTW. Pallet location info IS retained if you've spent a while getting things just as you like them)...




      All is now OK (Phew).


      Thank goodness for the Forums because Adobe 'Live Chat' was (a) increadibly slow and (b) less than useless this time.


      Fingers crossed that did the trick becuse before that problem I was very, very impressed with Adobe CC.