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    Problem with links - all pages show all links

      I'm a Flash newbie and having problems with a site I am working on. I could sure use some help if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong.

      If you hover your mouse over the pages of my site, you can link to things are on other pages. To see what I'm talking about go to MY SITE

      Example...if you are on the "Main" page, hover over the right side of the big townhome. There should not be ANY links on the picture of the townhome, however, there are links to different floor plans that should be on the Floor Plans page...go to that page to see how it's laid out...each tab should have a link to a different floor plan.

      Now go to the "Imenities" page. You should only be able to link to a downloadable PDF of the amenities list. But you can link to the floor plans there also...not supposed to happen.

      I probably have a lot screwed up here, but sure could use some help. Please don't laugh too much. It actually works pretty good except for the linking.

      If needed, you can download my .fla file at Deauxmain.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          jthereliable Level 1
          The reason is, the buttons for your floor plan are inside the "main" movieclip and not the "p3" movieclip. So when the "main" movieclip scrolls, all those buttons associated to the floor plans are still in the same position (didn't scroll with the movieclip). Because of this, they overlapped the PDF's button. Instead of making the buttons blue-ish, add a little white box on each of them and you'll automatically get what I mean.

          To fix your problem, just copy the buttons in the "main" movieclip and put it into the "p3" movieclip.

          I hope this helps :D!
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            deauxmain Level 1
            jthereliable...thanks so much for your help. It took me a little while to grasp what was going on, but I got it fixed.

            All is working fine now.