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    Spring Tools Suite and vSphere Web Client plugins


      Hi, I am new to this environment.  I am developing VMware vSphere Web Client plugins.  In the setup for vSphere Web Client plugins, it is indicated that the preferred tools include Spring Tools Suite, which is a derivative of Eclipse.  It is an optional component to use the FlashBuilder tool.  Optionally, the VMware documentation indicates that you can use Eclipse instead of the Spring Tools Suite, but different setup is needed.


      I am posting here (instead of VMware/STS) for the following reasons.  I am able to set up the environment without the FlashBuilder tool.  I am able to develop Web Client plugins without the FlashBuilder tool.  However, I believe the FlashBuilder tool will make development easier.  When I try to get the FlashBuilder to load, I no longer can get things to work; I cannot develop Web Client plugins.  Lastly, the FlashBuilder tool is the only piece of the puzzle that is a licensed product, and therefore, I will not be able to purchase the product if I cannot get the trial version to work.


      FlashBuilder has a plugin installer for Eclipse.  I have tried to install the plugin to Spring Tools Suite, and I have tried to install the plugin to a regular version of Eclipse.  In either case, the problem I run into is that I cannot locate the VMware files, and doesn't have the virgo service which is present when I did not have the FlashBuilder plugin installed.


      Does anyone have any experience or familiarity in getting FlashBuilder to work in this type of setup?  Clearly it is doable, but using all of the documentation that I can find online, I cannot get FlashBuilder to work in my environment.


      Thank you for any help or suggestions you might have.