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    Flickering on H264 exports

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Flickering is occasional flashes of partial black (like a layer over the video at 50% opacity) every so often; random intervals.


      I've seen this on several projects now in the last few weeks, with different kinds of source footage, but mostly ProRes442 or 4444.


      It doesn't bother me for initial content reviews, but my clients want to see a representation of their spot, and the flickering concerns them, my assurances that the masters won't have it to the contrary.


      And some of my deliverables are H264 for the web or company intranets.


      Workaround is to export to ProRes and use AME to make H264, which then come out clean with no flicker.  But, that's an extra step that's unnecessary and slows me down.


      Will report as bug.  Wanted to see if anybody else is getting the flickering.


      I've had some issues using Dynamic Link to AME from Pr for exports, such as seeing Dynamically Linked Ae clips jumping around the frame, too.



      MacPro3,1  32G RAM Quadro 4000; latest drivers  Pr CC 701 (105)  10.8.5

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          I keep getting this when filing bug reports:


          We're sorry, we encountered an error processing your request.


          This is discouraging me from filing the bug reports. 


          Adobe, please fix your site, and make it easier, not harder, for us to communicate with you.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi Jim,

            Sorry for your trouble. I just did a test bug report and it's working OK for me. Which browser are you using? Anyone else having trouble with filing a feature request or bug report?




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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              I use Chrome.


              And I'm going to rant for a second.  As you can imagine, it's annoying to take several minutes to compose a bug report, only to get that error message, and when I hit the Back button, all my work has vanished.


              Some of the questions on the feature/bug page are totally irrelevant.  I don't understand why a company that writes software to create web pages can't figure out how to optimize their own sites for their customers.


              What possible difference does it make to Pr users what Application Server or Database we use?  We don't use them for Premiere.  We may not use either at all.  Those options just serve to confuse and annoy and slow the process.


              Why don't those options just disappear when Premiere Pro is the application selected for reporting?


              And why does Adobe charge sales tax to professional users that are exempt from it?  I asked about this before, and got a reply to apply to my state for a refund.  Well, thanks for making my job harder.


              Other than that, I'm a pretty happy camper with Adobe.  And Kevin, I truly appreciate your presence and participation in the forums.


              I'm posting my rant here, because for me, that's all I got.

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                csimons333 Level 1

                Are you exporting to an external drive? I had a similar problem exporting from AE and solved it by exporting to my internal HDD. Hope that helps.

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                  Jim Curtis Level 3

                  Hi.  No, I keep everything on a project, except for cache files in a folder structure on my external RAID.


                  I tried your method, and the flicker was gone.  But, then I exported again to my RAID, and the flicker was gone there, too.


                  So, I still haven't figured a method to this, unless exporting the same Sequence several times clears up some "mud" in the Sequence. 


                  I'll keep testing.


                  BTW, my RAID is a 8-SAS 6Gbs RAID5, w/1800 GB/s reads.  It's about 3x as fast as my internal SSD boot drive.