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    Can a Permiere Elements video earn money at Kickstarter?

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         How much weight does Kickstarter give to videos?


         I'm Roy Hayes. My novel, The Hungarian Game, was an international best-seller. I've just  launched a Kickstarter project to get an advance for my  latest novel of espionage and political intrigue, The Last Days of Las Vegas.


         Kickstarter is the most popular of the crowdfunding websites. For authors working outside the envelope, Kickstarter offers the best chance for self-publishing projects by writers, illustrators, and photographers.

         To date, 49,091 Kickstarter projects have gotten over $802,000,000 in funding.


         In the Publications category, the three most successful projects have received:

         1- $590,807 - A T-shirt with an internet link.

         2- $580,905 - An interactive cartoon book based on Shakespeare's Hamlet.

         3- $299,914 - A book of science-fiction illustrations.

         There are no narrative fiction (ie "novel") entries in the top 45 Publishing projects.

         Only one of the top 45 most successful publishing projects is a narrative book, but it's non-fiction: The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss! (The bio of Terence McKenna, a guru of psychedelic drugs and shamanism, who claimed that during his hallucinogenic visions he communed with a divine voice.)

         Screaming Abyss! received $85,750 from 874 backers.


         In Kickstarter's narrative-fiction category, successfully funded books have been thin (averaging about 100 pages), easily-digested volumes—often digital (non-printed) editions—that target the niche markets of children's books, zombies, fantasy, and big-bosomed science fiction.

         No ambitious, epic novel has so far been funded on Kickstarter.


         Despite the odds against success, I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to get an advance for the publication of a sophisticated novel of espionage, terrorism, and political intrigue ... a thriller of epic proportions.

         At 500 pages The Last Days of Las Vegas is roughly 5 times the length of the average fiction entry at Kickstarter. The book includes well over two dozen characters in events across four continents.

         This will be the first entry of such epic length and grand ambition ... like working the high wire over Grand Canyon without a net.

         I believe that the success or failure of my project will depend a lot on the quality of the video. Start to finish, Take 213 of the video took from 27 April to 22 August. Much of that time was a learning curve ... with no brakes and a death-grip on the steering wheel.

         It'll be interesting to see if this project actually floats!


         I just launched today, so there probably won't be any pledges yet.

         You can see the project by clicking on this link:

      http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2048993353/the-last-days-of-las-vegas-by-roy-hayes?ref =live