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    Late start on working with the Organizer

    moonpie001 Level 1

      Simple question, I do most things in reverse order.  I made movies using PE11 and PSE11 now I would like to go back and get things organized and labled better.  Will moving or recatigorizing material within the organizer cause any problems to my projects created in PE11?  I learned from earlier versions what happens when you move things around on the hard drive like files and folders and know how to fix the problems.  Just don't want to spend hours cleanning up my mess and later find out it wrecked my movie productions.  I am keeping this question simple and am only talking about moving stuff around that has been imported into the organizer and that is where I am making my changes only.  Will not touch anything else unless I import it into the organizer or just delete it because it had no use for me.