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    What is causing my music to corrupt when burning a DVD?


      I puchased 2 songs (.mp3) from Amazon.com and downloaded them to my Cloud Player.  From the Cloud Player, I downloaded them to Windows Media Player.  I created a slide show using Adobe Premiere Elements 11 and added the songs.  The video and audio show plays without any problems on my computer.  When I use Adobe Premiere Elements to burn a DVD and try to play it on a DVD player (tried Blueray and DVD), the video is good but the audio is corrupted (audio breaks up often).  It appears if my problem is associated with the burning of the DVD.  Any Ideas??   

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          Some MP3 files can present problems, though certainly not all.


          As a test, I would convert the MP3's to PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit with an audio-editor, such as Audacity, Import the WAV files into PrE, replacing the MP3's with those, and then burn. I would use either an RW-DVD, or Burn to Folder, and test play the VIDEO_TS folder in a DVD software player, so that you do not waste blank discs, with this test.


          Please report how the test goes.


          Good luck,