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    horizontalAxisRender(s) problems

      In a ColumnChart like so:

      <mx:ColumnChart width="200" height="300" id="overViewGraph" type="stacked" dataProvider="{overviewGraphData}" showDataTips="true">
      <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="name" />
      <mx:AxisRenderer tickPlacement="none" >
      [ ...rest of chart stuff]

      I get a warning from FlexBuilder that "Property horizontalAxisRenderer has been depreciated. Please use CartesianChart.horizontalAxisRendereds."

      So, I change my MMXL tag (and the matching closing tag) from mx:horizontalAxisRenderer to mx:horizontalAxisRenderers to remove the warning, which it does. However, my app no longer works. The initial loading bar gets to about 30%, and there it sits for all eternity. Removing the "s" and getting the depreciated warning back makes the app run fine. How do I use the "correct" syntax? All the examples in the docs show the syntax exactly how I am using it...