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    add margin to a PDF?

    sciulli999 Level 1

      I understand the whole point of PDFs aren't like Word docs and you can't reflow them.


      I don't want that. Basically I have a 4x4 PDF and I just want an inch of margin all around so the final doc is 5x5 and within that 5x5 is my original 4x4 doc.


      For simplicity sake, let's just pretend I have a 200 page 4x4 PDF that is completely black. I just want to add a one inch white margin around every page.


      I could set up a 5x5 Photoshop document and just drop each page of the PDF onto this canvas one by one and save each page as PDF and then recombine them all later, but it would take forever for 200 pages.


      I have Acrobat X Pro. Any way to do this?