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    Problems using WMV files as assets

    82ElshamRoad Level 1

      I'm having a problem using WMV files as assets. A client recently gave me two WMV files and said she wanted them put on DVD. They're not the best quality, but these are the only files that exist.


      I thought I'd import them into Premiere and do some titling and clean them up a bit, and then export them to Encore. But when I imported the WMV files and put them on a timeline, it cut the video in half (chopped off the top half of the screen).


      I encountered the same problem when I tried to import the files into Encore directly, as assets. Top half of video chopped off.


      I even tried converting the WMV files into AVIs and MPEG2 files, but it's the same problem once the files are converted. .


      I thought the files might be corrupt, but I got the same problem when I imported a WMV file that I had in my archive.


      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.