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    [09/30/2013] Google Announces Deprecation of NPAPI in Chrome Browser

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      Chrome Dropping Support of NPAPI:

      Google recently announced that it was phasing out the NPAPI plug-in interface.  Adobe wants to let customers know that this will not affect Flash Player or Adobe Access DRM.  In the Chrome Browser, Flash Player uses the Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI).  Read more about it here: http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmedia/2013/09/statement-on-google-chrome-phasing-out-the-npa pi-plug-in-interface/



      BEST PRACTICE TIP: Gracefully Recover from DRM Error Events:

      It is recommended that video player developers build in handlers to gracefully recover from a DRMErrorEvent 3322 (DeviceBinding) error that can be dispatched from the app.  A 3322 error event, among a few others, cannot be gracefully recovered by a retry operation – programmatic action has to be taken to reset the DRM system, or the end user must manually perform a DRM reset.  The programmatic approach is strongly recommended.


      Support Community articles are provided on how to recover from specific errors: