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    NUMA Hyper-Threading?


      I'm setting up my Adobe apps and my 12-core, 64GB RAM workstation to work together with best performance.

      Is the hyper-threading in AE, Photoshop & Premiere coded to take advantage of non uniform memory access or would they perform better with NUMA turned off?



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Not touching this one.  The only NUMA I know about is a mythical government agency in Clive Cussler novels.

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            dayoldy Level 1

            "Creatively bovine" answer; but not especially helpful... haha

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm afraid I don't have anything helpful to put in as I haven't tested anything like this myself. There are many others who also haven't tested, perhaps nobody has.


              However, YOU are in a position to do some of these tests. Get a few different kinds of projects (some with HD footage, some with native AE effects only, some with plugins, some with C4D integration, etc.) and test them out both with and without NUMA and see if it makes a difference. Then post back here to let us know your results!

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                tristansummers Level 1

                I assume you are asking this because, like me, you saw that AVID tell people to disable NUMA in their configuration guides.

                I likewise have no idea, but I assume AVID know the best way to set up a workstation so I have disabled it.

                The wikipedia page seems to suggest NUMA has a lot of overhead so maybe it is not useful in a workstation environment...

                More info would be good.

                But Avid is for editors, and there is no point trying to explain details to editors as they won't listen anyway.


                Not sure if it hinders Fusion ioFX latency though...

                And After Effects now fills up its RAM to breaking (read BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH) point.

                and my CPU usage never exceeds 50% even if both After Effects and AME are encoding at once

                But this may be unconnected!