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    using select for jQuery auto complete performance issue

    iccsi Level 1

      I use select controls for jQuery AutoComplete.

      Because jQuery Auto complete does not filter server return data, my cfquery returns thousands records to auto complete which has performance issue.

      here is my code to have my list and cfquery.

      My query returns thousands recrods and jQuery auto complete  does not filter the records. I am looking a way to limit records return from user type on the dropdown box

      I would like to know is it possible to have my cfquery smart enough to get only records I need for jQuery auto complete.


      Your help and information is great appreciated,






      <select name="Mylst" id="Mylst" >


         <cfoutput query="MySP">

               <option value="#MySP.MyID#"

                <cfif (isDefined("form.MyID") AND form.MyID EQ MySP.MyID)