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    View clip runtime as opposed to timecode?

    JessicaLWhite Level 1

      I'm sorry to ask this, as I'm sure the answer is simple, but I can't for the life of me find an easy solution. In short, I have a client who has been using the quicktime files from a shoot to make edit notes. He doesn't have any sort of NLE so has been simply viewing the clips in Quicktime Player and making edit notes based on the runtime as he sees it in Quicktime Player (these clips are all fairly long; 10-15 minute interviews and he is isolating small soundbites).


      The problem is, these quicktime clips, in premiere, have embedded timecode which doesn't, obviously, correspond to the quicktime runtimes. Is there any way in premiere to view the individual runtime of a clip so I don't have to switch back to Quicktime player to view the clients notes and then hunt for the right timecode? Thanks for any help.